Salt Creek has finally completed their second CD entitled "Pipeline"; named after Noels original song "O'Connor's Pipeline Dream".


This CD has 10 tracks including House of the Rising Sun, Massachusettes and O'Connor's Pipeline Dream all of which was mixed and mastered by Salt Creek


Contact us to get a copy.....for a mere $15.00




Salt Creek is the latest Bluegrass band to emerge from Western Australia. With their 100+ years of combined musicianship Salt Creek can lay bare the heart of driving bluegrass yet touch a much wider audience with their more contemporary music, extending beyond the resilient themes of yesteryear. Salt Creek's music is a blend of traditional and contemporary bluegrass. Tasteful harmonies, superb picking and high energy are trademarks of each Salt Creek performance.

Contact Salt Creek by email or by phone
Troy Cook 0421 578 332
Dave Woodhouse 0417 091 791



We don't want to be like historians preserving a great music. It needs to sound old, but also new

(guitarist and songwriter Ted Pitney of the young group King Wilkie)


Bluegrass musicians are the ugliest people in the music business
(Ron Thomason on why there aren't many bluegrass music videos)

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